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How to Add $2,000 in Orders to Next Week’s Revenue

Boostly can help you use the customer data in your pizzeria's POS system to automatically send text messages and sell more pizza.

Most restaurant owners have an invaluable tool at their fingertips that they don’t even know about: the wealth of data sitting in their point-of-sale system. How is this of any value, you ask? The data captured in a restaurant’s POS system can provide insights into customer preferences, order history, peak hours, popular menu items, and much more. But you came here to see how it translates to revenue, right?  Let’s get into it.

POS marketing magic: With margins becoming tighter than ever, it’s crucial to make every marketing dollar count. That’s where your POS system data comes in as a game-changer. By tapping into this goldmine of customer insights, you can wave the wand of text-marketing magic. Given that 90% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes, magic is exactly what it can feel like as a pizzeria owner trying to increase orders and drive more revenue.

So how do you use the customer data in your POS to send text messages that drive orders? And how do you find time to do it?

How it works: Here is where Boostly comes in. Its marketing platform automates this process for you, utilizing your POS data to deliver targeted text messages and drive more orders, reviews and revenue without you having to lift a finger. Additionally, partnering with Boostly means you don’t have to worry about texting compliance laws and regulations—leave that part to Boostly.

So what kind of messages can restaurant owners send? You can tempt future customers with exclusive offers, mouthwatering birthday deals and unique events tailored to their tastes. You can even collect reviews automatically via text through your Boostly marketing platform. Plus, your dedicated Boostly marketing expert will have plenty of ideas and suggestions for how to maximize performance as well.

How to get started: Now you’re starting to see why restaurant owners using Boostly are getting $8 back for every $1 they spend. With no contracts or setup fees, it’s no wonder that hundreds of restaurant owners use Boostly to increase orders, reviews and revenue. But talk is cheap. Try it for yourself and see the results for your restaurant firsthand.

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