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How to Boost the Sales Potential of a Simple Cheese Pizza

The unique cheese blend that’ll set your pizza apart.

Pizza shops around the nation are constantly searching for new ways to stand out against the competition. Chef Michael LaMarca believes he has found the one product that allows his famous pizzas to stand out: Galbani cheese. 

Galbani cheese was founded in 1882 by Egidio Galbani and his father Davide. Known as Italy’s favorite cheese brand and America’s No.1 Ricotta producer, Galbani cheeses continue to elevate the Italian food game.

Chef Michael LaMarca, CEO of Master Pizza Franchise Group in Cleveland, OH, grew up in a pizza-making family. Wanting to spread his love and passion for pizza, he opened Master Pizza in 2000 and has since served the same award-winning pizzas using the highest quality Italian ingredients.

In the video below, LaMarca makes his Ultimate Cheese Pizza that features a whole line of Galbani cheeses. He kicks up this traditional pizza by adding specialty cheeses and by making the pizza competition style. 

While making the pizza, LaMarca discusses the unique way he creates the Cleveland pizza dough, which strays from the traditional New York or Chicago style. To make the dough, LaMarca starts by placing the dough in a pan. He then pinches the edges of the dough up the side of the pan to create the Cleveland-style crust. 

LaMarca continues making his famous cheese pizza adding a non-traditional sauce and a non-traditional cheese mixture to make each slice stand out to competition judges. 

Using this cheese mixture, LaMarca’s pizza develops a unique and interesting take on the traditional cheese pizza and also creates the perfect, buttery cheese pull. 

LaMarca explains his passion for the creativity of his Ultimate Cheese Pizza. He continues to discuss how his various specialty pizzas have led him to win several awards. Some include being a five-time National Pizza Champion, a one-time International Pizza Champion, and the captain of the United States Pizza Team. 

Using his family’s background and love for Italian cuisine, LaMarca continues to share his delicious food and pizza recipes with people around the world. He not only owes thanks to his family but also to his partnership with Galbani cheese. 

LaMarca explains that Galbani has always looked at him as a partner, rather than a customer and that really resonated with him. Due to this, he will continue to partner with Galbani and use their authentic products to create new and delicious pizzas. 

To learn what exactly makes LaMarca’s Ultimate Cheese Pizza so delicious and unique, watch the video below.

By Abby Winterburn