Italforni's Bull Electric Deck Oven: Fine-Tuned Baking Precision with Aesthetic Appeal

PMQ and PizzaTV travels to sunny southern California to learn about one of the most innovative new pizza ovens on the market: The Italforni Bull electric deck oven. Our own Andy Knef headed over to the SoCal Gas Innovation Center to visit with Paolo Piccinetti, the national sales manager of Italforni USA, and renowned Italian pizza chef Giulio Adriani. Adriani even walks you through the pizza-making process using this state-of-the-art, digital-controlled oven and prepares a Roman-style pie that’s perfect for a by-the-slice operation.

Brought to you by ► The first oven in the world entirely coated with tempered glass, the new generation Italforni Bull combines incredible performance with beautiful design.

Pizzaioli know Italforni as the premiere producer of commercial cooking equipment from Italy. Watch as Giulio Adriani demonstrates the efficient control harnessed by this exquisite beast of an oven.