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Using PizzaCloud’s Phone System Features to Make Your Phones Stop Ringing

Out of its 2,000+ pizza customers, there is one thing PizzaCloud's team never hears: “I have plenty of staff and no issues answering my phones.”

Out of its 2,000+ pizza restaurant customers, there is one thing PizzaCloud’s team never hears: “I have plenty of staff and no issues answering my phones.” That is why PizzaCloud has spent the last year building new solutions to reduce phone calls in the store to a bare minimum.


Pushing Customers From Phone to Web Orders

By using PizzaCloud’s new text-enabled phone system features, your customers can be greeted with a message like “Thank you for calling Super Pizza. To receive a text message with links to our online ordering, press one now. To place an order or speak with staff, press two now.” Almost every store sees at least a 10% swing from phone to web orders within 60 days, and one customer recently said he went from 75% phone/25% web orders to 35% phone/65% web orders in just six months.


A.I. Virtual Call Center

What exactly IS “A.I.” call handling?  Think of it as a high-end, third-party web ordering platform delivering orders to your POS system. But instead of hands on a keyboard, the customer called the store and the A.I. answered.

After looking at literally 10 different so-called “A.I.” companies, PizzaCloud finally found a partner whose service really works and was willing to properly integrate with PizzaCloud. PizzaCloud integrates with your POS system, and the phone system itself answers the calls and interacts with the caller, taking orders, answering questions and giving information. Depending on what POS system you use and the level of data access it allows, PizzaCloud can handle between 70% and 90% of the calls.

So, what happens to the other calls? PizzaCloud has the advantage that they’re also your phone company, so they just pop those calls to the store (or to one of PizzaCloud’s call centers if that is a better fit). The bottom line is low, flat-rate per-order pricing, no up-front setup fees or commits, and your phones stop ringing off the hook.

Other features currently being developed by PizzaCloud include call transcription and automated quality assurance scoring, flagging “bad calls” for review, etc. It’s like having an entire QA team at your disposal.

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