It was recently announced that Steve and Linda Green sold PMQ Pizza Media to WTWH Media. I’d like to share with PMQ readers how important the Greens’ role has been in shaping my career in the pizza industry and how they helped shape the industry we know today.

Thirteen years ago, I first met Linda at a pizza convention. It was my second year owning my pizza business. I had an idea for portioning pizzas into equal slices. I wanted an objective opinion from someone who was knowledgeable about the pizza industry. I thought, why not visit the only pizza trade magazine exhibiting at the convention? They’d be able to tell me if I have something or should pass on pursuing my invention.

At the booth, I was greeted by Linda and a PMQ writer. When I showed them the pizza cutting board, their eyes lit up. Linda smiled and said, “I think you have something.” A few months later, PMQ published an article about my invention. This was the start to a wonderful journey building my Portion PadL business.

Linda and Steve are hands-on people. They exhibited at pizza and nightclub conventions. They got to know the pizza makers who visited their booth. They created the U.S. Pizza Team. They asked questions. They listened. They invited pizzeria owners to collaborate on articles about industry trends, best practices, innovations and pizza recipes. Their magazine wasn’t about what they thought. It was founded for us to share our stories and to shape the pizza industry.

I asked the Greens to say a few words about their journey: “We’ve always loved the pizza business because it’s universally loved by practically everyone, and it actually matters to people. Part food, comfort, culture, personal expression, a path to a simple living or a fortune, pizza creates a human connection between those who make it, buy it or share it. Pizza gives us something to think about, talk about and brag about. It’s made thousands of neighborhood heroes out of those that compete in this humble and noble profession. Over our career, we’ve worked in banking, gaming, pharmacies and pizza, but mostly pizza because the people in this business are as genuine, creative, simple and daring as the dish itself. Everyone needs to be fanatical about something, so why not pizza?”

I created a private Facebook group called “Friends of Linda and Steve Green.” Please share your experiences with the Greens there. Let them know how PMQ impacted you or just wish them a happy future. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you.


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