In an exclusive PMQ video, you can watch xRobotics’ xPizza Cube bot top a pie with sauce, cheese and pepperoni in under a minute.

Alena Tikhova
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xRobotics: Save Up to $84,000 a Year With Automated Pizza Makeline

xRobotics has developed a countertop pizza robot to address the most important problem facing the restaurant industry. 

Between the labor shortage and increasing costs of labor, you need solutions to keep your pizza business going. In 2019, xRobotics was founded to address the most important problem in the restaurant industry.

They created an automated pizza makeline, with a vision to automate an entire restaurant kitchen of any kind in the nearest future. Their team has spent many months analyzing the most labor-intense process in pizza kitchens. It became clear over time that they needed to start with an automation of the sauce, cheese and pepperoni—that’s where people spend most of their time.

The xPizzaCube has been created to help pizzeria owners save hundreds of hours of intense work per month. This light, tiny (20” wide) countertop machine makes up to 100 pizzas per hour with a push of a button. Simply put your crust inside the machine—it supports pizzas between 8” and 16”—and walk away.  A Large Double Pepperoni will be ready in 42 seconds. Your best employees will have a chance to focus on what matters most—customer service—while xPizzaCube is making consistent pizzas.

The xPizzaCube has saved xRobotics’ first customers $5,000 to $7,000 a month immediately after installation. That is $60,000 to $84,000 more cash each year! The machine will boost the productivity of one employee from 25 large pizzas per hour to 70 large pizzas per hour. People are loving this new automated makeline because it is easy to operate with no special training. It takes five minutes to assemble in the morning and 10 minutes to clean at night.

Let’s also talk about food costs here. We all know that cheese is gold these days. The xPizzaCube is equipped with a variety of weight sensors to get a perfect pie out every single time. No more cheese over-portioning. No more variations in the number of pepperoni slices. xRobotics’ customers report saving 7 to 15 cases of cheese per month after installation of the xPizzaCube. That is roughly $700 to $1,500 of new savings each month on cheese alone!

xRobotics is currently taking pre-orders for late 2022 delivery. Unfortunately, both Q1 and Q2 of 2022 are fully booked. To reserve your xPizzaCube, contact xRobotics Sales Director Alena Tikhova. Alena has over eight years of experience in the pizza industry and will be glad to help you book your xPizzaCube. Email Alena at or fill out a form at Let’s start saving big!