The TOP Shredder from ReddyMade offers cheese-shredding capacity up to 100-plus pounds in one minute. This means your business can get through prep work quickly and efficiently. ReddyMade’s high-speed, high-torque shredders are designed for consistency and dependability. Having consistency is key to spreading cheese across the pizza so that the coverage is uniform and cooks evenly. 

Along with efficiency and consistency, the TOP Shredder is designed to be durable and long-lasting. Machine construction starts with high-quality materials, and the shredder is assembled with robust components made in the USA so they can withstand heavy usage without breakdowns. The TOP Shredder is backed by an industry-leading two-year full parts and labor warranty, which assures you these are quality machines that will last for decades.

The TOP Shredder stands apart from other machines by offering additional features that enable the machine to either shred two blocks of cheese at one time (for custom blends) or even slice vegetables. In just a few minutes, the TOP Shredder converts from a cheese shredder to a slicer so you can cut your whole onions, peppers and mushrooms or even slice your own pepperoni!  

For cleaning, the user-friendly design does not require any tools for disassembly. The NSF-approved components that contact the food can be cleaned in minutes. The smooth surfaces allow easy sanitation and cleaning after each use. The TOP Shredder is also maintenance-free, so there’s no need for oil changes or grease to be applied over the life of the machine.

Also, a semi-automatic system is available that will let you shred whole blocks of cheese at the push of a button. ReddyMade’s patent-pending semi-auto system can be added to either the single-block or double-block machine. Knowing safety is at the top of everyone’s list, the safety mechanism that ReddyMade has designed will detect an operator’s hand and, without harm, retract the cheese plunger.

Additionally, ReddyMade’s patent-pending Double Hopper attachment allows you to shred and blend two blocks of cheese simultaneously. This means you can shred 100-plus pounds of cheese in one minute. The Double Hopper attachment works both with the automatic system as well as the manual lever arm.

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