In the American Southwest, pizza flavors are as big, bold and wild as the Rio Grande itself, thanks to unique ingredients like Hatch chiles and the prickly pear. In this month's installment of Pizza Roots & Routes, PizzaTV's Brian Hernandez explores the land of Geronimo and Billy the Kid, seeking out innovative pizza styles and learning how several pizzerias, such as Golden Crown Bakery and Panaderia, Flancer's Cafe & Pizzeria and Zoli's NY Pizza, have incorporated regional flavors and ingredients into their pizzas.

You can incorporate a Southwestern flavor-influenced pizza into your own menu with the Southwestern Bestern, a delicious pie incorporating key lime cilantro, sweet corn, and black beans!




18 oz. dough ball
4 oz. key lime cilantro sauce
2.5 oz. sweet corn
4 oz. black beans
2.5 oz. diced white onions
8 oz. mozzarella/cheddar blend
4 oz. diced or shredded
chicken breast
3 oz. green chilies

fresh lime
half an avocado (diced)

pinch of salt

Related: Southwestern pizza isn't officially a style, but with innovators like Pratt Morales and Lee Hunzinger firing up pies with local ingredients, it could be.

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