Last March, St. Louis-based Imo’s Pizza teamed up with a fellow St. Louis iconic product, Old Vienna’s Red Hot Riplets, a popular potato chip flavor, for a successful giveaway. Now, the pizzeria is capitalizing on the success of that promotion by bringing the chips’ bold and spicy flavor to its chicken wings.

The original Imo’s partnership with Old Vienna took place on “314 Day,” when Imo’s gave away Red Hot Riplets potato chips with pizza orders, encouraging its fans to sprinkle the chips on top of their pizza. (Though most pizza fans know March 14, or 3.14, as “Pi Day,” St. Louis hosts special celebrations on March 14 in honor of its area code, 314.) Imo’s fans created their own Red Hot Riplets pizzas for a St Louis-style way to celebrate the region’s special day, and the one-day promotion was a phenomenal success. 

As the two brands continue their partnership, Imo’s Pizza turns up the heat by bringing the beloved St. Louis Red Hot Riplets flavor to Imo’s wings. Available for a limited time now through June, Red Hot Riplets wings are presented in a dry-rub style, and are available in boneless and bone-in varieties. They’re sold in the same quantities and prices as Imo’s other flavors of wings, and customers can order in person, by phone or online through the Imo’s app. 

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“What’s more ‘St. Louis’ than creating a fun new flavor for our Imo’s wing menu with Red Hot Riplets, one of the most well-known seasonings in the region?” asks Nichole Carpenter, Imo’s Pizza director of marketing. “If you know, you know—and our fans have shown they do. In our 60th year, we’re celebrating our anniversary with our fans front and center. We’re continuing to offer our classic favorites, plus an extra layer of excitement and spice with this new wing flavor.”

Since first opening its doors in 1964, the Imo family has welcomed generations of customers to Imo’s Pizza locations across the region. Today, Imo’s Pizza is served in 98 locations in Missouri, Illinois and Kansas. Additionally, Imo’s Pizza products—consisting of more than 17 different items, including frozen pizzas, sauces, dressings, marinades, pizza crusts and Provel cheese products—are available at grocery chains in the greater St. Louis area and beyond. Over 60 years, Imo’s has built a solid reputation and loyal following for its crispy, edge-to-edge St. Louis-style pizza.

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