With all the buzz about pizza cones, more and more food establishments are eager to provide their customers with this hot new product. With zero investment, you can do it, too!

Using toppings you already have, Pizza Cones allows you to tap into new sales opportunities for appetizers, kid’s menus, catering, sporting events and so much more. There’s no investment, no royalty fees and no more headache from tediously making the cones in-store.

One bold New Yorker has taken the pizza cone movement where it’s never been before, with par-baked, frozen, ready-to-fill pizza cone shells delivered right to your store. Now it’s easier than ever to add PCI Frozen Foods’ pizza cone concept to your menu and add extra revenue to your shop.

Chef’s Dessert Tip
Coat the inside of your baked cones with chocolate and then fill with your bestselling ice cream, fudge, or cream. Garnish with chocolate décor, berries, candy pearls…
Whatever you like!

With your pizza cones, you can easily say yes to setting up a stand at community events like festivals, fairs or sporting events. The variety of cone flavors and sizes make your concept scalable to your event. The Whole Wheat and Garlic & Herb varieties attract health-conscious diners and foodies alike. The mini-cones make for delightful hors d’oeuvres for catering or an appetizer sampler.   

Sold as a side item, appetizer or an easy product for special events, pizza cones are different, delicious, fun and perfect for on-the-go customers. Pizza Cones provide an innovative way to present your signature ingredients in a format that’s contagious to share across social media.  

When it comes to filling your pizza cones, you can combine just about any foods from your salad bar and beyond! Get creative! Of course, you’ll want to remember to prepare plenty of cones with the good old mozzarella-and-sauce combo, but you can create any combination from dessert cones to unique appetizers. 

Pizza cones yield a generous markup of 300% or more.

Pizza Cones Served Cold! Bake the cones for a minute or two and fill with salad, deli meats or fruits. Offer a selection of creative-combos in the display case and watch them disappear! 

PCI Frozen Foods will even help you get set up and running with a special offer. When you buy two cases, you will get a free oven rack to bake your cones in and a plexiglass display stand to showcase them. Unlike other pizza cone concepts, you can use your own ingredients that you already have in-store, and you won’t need to pay franchise fees or buy any new machinery. All you need is an oven that reaches 500°F and provides 6” to 7” of clearance.

If you need point-of-purchase material to help promote Pizza Cones, you can go to www.pcifrozenfoods.com/media.aspx and print and use marketing material and POS for your pizzeria, window, showcase, social media, website, store front sign or anywhere you like.

PCI Frozen Foods already works with a number of distributors in the U.S.A. and Canada or you can buy direct from PCI. Check with your distributor to see if they already carry PCI’s pizza cone shells. PCI is flexible and works hard to accommodate every customer. They can make all your pizza cone dreams come true. For more information, contact PCI Frozen Foods at pcifrozenfoods.com or 732-707-9009.


Watch PMQ's Brian Hernandez make a batch of Pizza Cones here:

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