Pizzeria Bianco, founded by Chris Bianco, is the critics' choice for best pizzeria in the U.S. for 2023.

Pizza Power Report 2024

The 25 Most Critically Acclaimed Independent Pizzerias in the U.S.

Featured in the Pizza Power Report 2024:

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Food critics don’t hold sway over the restaurant industry like they once did, thanks to the rise of online crowd-sourced reviews. But many of us, especially the more discerning foodies, still care what they think. That’s why a glowing review from the New York Times can send your business into overdrive overnight.

And if the review is negative or merely so-so? Well, count it as a learning experience and an opportunity to improve. These critics have dined at the best restaurants in the country or even the world. Who better to tell you what you’re doing right and how you’re screwing up?

For this year’s Pizza Power Report, we wanted to know what the food critics have been saying about independent pizzeria operators like you around the country. So we dug in deep and, using a simple algorithm, developed this ranking based on 2023 “best-of” lists from 50 Top Pizza, the Washington Post, Food & Wine, Infatuation.com and Gayot.com as well as the Michelin Guide.

If your restaurant didn’t make the list this year, don’t get discouraged. After all, there is no shortage of best-pizzeria rankings nowadays. Keep upping your game, tweaking your recipes and menu, and providing a memorable dining experience, and you just might land on the next one.


No. 1

Pizzeria: Pizzeria Bianco
Location: Phoenix, AZ

No. 2

Pizzeria: Ken’s Artisan Pizza
Location: Portland, OR

No. 3

Pizzeria: Una Pizza Napoletana
Location: New York, NY

No. 4

Pizzeria: Del Popolo
Location: San Francisco, CA

No. 5

Pizzeria: Don Antonio
Location: New York, NY

No. 6

Pizzeria: L’Industrie Pizzeria
Location: Philadelphia, PA

No. 7

Pizzeria: A16
Location: Oakland, CA

No. 8

Pizzeria: Razza Pizza Artigianale
Location: Jersey City, NJ

No. 9

Pizzeria: Milo & Olive
Location: Santa Monica, CA

No. 10

Pizzeria: Pizzeria Sei
Location: Los Angeles, CA

No. 11

Pizzeria: Nouvelle Kitchen & Brewery*
Location: Robbinsdale, MN

No. 12

Pizzeria: Tony’s Pizza Napoletana
Location: San Francisco, CA

No. 13

Pizzeria: Ribalta
Location: New York, NY

No. 14

Pizzeria: 0′ Munaciello
Location: Miami, FL

No. 15

Pizzeria: 800 Degrees
Location: Los Angeles, CA

No. 16

Pizzeria: Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana
Location: New Haven, CT

No. 17

Pizzeria: Al Forno
Location: Providence, RI

No. 18

Pizzeria: Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria
Location: Kenmore, NY

No. 19

Pizzeria: Song’ E Napule
Location: New York, NY

No. 20

Pizzeria: Casey’s Pizza
Location: San Francisco, CA

No. 21

Pizzeria: Kesté
Location: New York, NY

No. 22

Pizzeria: La Leggenda Pizzeria
Location: Miami, FL

No. 23

Pizzeria: Pasquale’s Pizzeria Napoletana
Location: South Kingstown, RI

No. 24

Pizzeria: Ops
Location: Brooklyn, NY

No. 25

Pizzeria: Spacca Napoli Pizzeria
Location: Chicago, IL