Pizza Power Report 2023: Are Independents Making a Comeback?

By Rick Hynum When you’re cast in the “villain” role on a reality TV dating show, haters, as they say, gonna hate. But riled-up romance fans are the least of Peter Izzo’s problems. The co-owner of Peter’s Pizzeria, with two locations in South Florida, and cast member of ABC’s Bachelor … More


Pizza Power Report 2022: Get Ready for the Robots

By Rick Hynum As we reflect on the past year in the pizza industry, the old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times,” comes to mind. For the record, there’s no evidence that the expression originated in China, but, wherever it came from, it packs a punch. For pizza … More

this photo shows the model for our Pizza Power Report 2020 cover

Pizza Power Report 2020: Taking Advantage of Digital Disruption

“Digital disruption” has become something of a buzz phrase in the pizza business in recent years, but that term only tells part of the story of an industry that’s evolving at a dizzying pace. We’ve written at length about the online ordering revolution in past Pizza Power Reports—you know the … More

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The 2019 Pizza Power Report: A State-of-the-Industry Analysis

    When compiling this year’s Pizza Power Report, three themes kept appearing again and again: quality ingredients, technology and the youth culture. Consumers are increasingly insisting on the freshest, healthiest ingredients, a trend driven largely by younger segments of consumers, who also demand the highest technology available to … More

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Pizza Power 2017 – A State of the Industry Report

Pizza makes everything better, but the world’s greatest food had to work overtime in 2016, which will long be remembered as the year we’d rather forget. Atrocities, natural disasters, the Syrian refugee crisis and the nastiest presidential election in recent memory left us all crying out for comfort—and pizza, … More


The 2015 Pizza Power Report

Hamburgers may still be America’s No. 1 restaurant food, but make no mistake: Pizza is a whole lot cooler. When pop superstar Katy Perry got hungry in the middle of a concert in Kansas City, Missouri, this summer, she didn’t dial up the local Wendy’s. She ordered a pepperoni … More


The 2014 Pizza Power Report

There’s an invasion under way in the pizza industry. Everyone from baristas to burger chefs, it seems, wants a slice of the action. The founders of Wetzel’s Pretzels, for example, put their own twist on pizza last year with Blaze Pizza (, while Chili’s Grill & Bar rolled out a … More