Detroit-style pizza may be square, but it’s hotter than ever, as evidenced by Pizza Hut’s recent foray into the Motor City movement. “Detroit-style pizza is more than a trend—it’s a tradition,” says Burton Heiss, CEO of Buddy’s Pizza in Farmington Hills, Michigan, where the pizza style originated. “Michigan families and friends have been forming bonds over Detroit-style pizza at Buddy’s since 1946, and we’re thrilled other pizzerias across the country are adding this unique style to their menu.”

To learn more about the essential elements of Detroit-style pizza, check out this article. Meanwhile, in this dough-making video, PMQ Test Chef Brian Hernandez will teach you how to mix and proof a batch of Detroit-style pizza dough. It’s specialized for a 10″x14″ Detroit-style pan. So go for the dough!

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