According to Gi.Metal, limited work space in the pizza kitchen will no longer be a problem, thanks to the Tuscan company’s new 12” pizza peel handle available in the Azzurra and Evoluzione lines of perforated peels.

Gi.Metal added the 12” handle for pizzaiolo who have small spaces to work in but want to achieve high-efficiency results. Gi.Metal says a shorter handle is the ideal solution for professionals and pizza lovers who use rotary ovens, tunnel ovens, and small ovens in bars and fast food restaurants, or even at home, but who do not want to sacrifice quality and an efficient production process.

Gi.Metal offers a wide range of alternatives to suit the type of pizza to be prepared, the size of oven and the work space. In addition to the most suitable handle size, Gi.Metal lets pizzaioli choose:

  • The material: Anodized aluminum heads are lightweight and flexible.
  • The shape: The rectangular peel is the traditional choice; it features a larger surface in contact with the pizza on the front side, thanks to milling. The round peel features a widened pick-up edge with smooth and regular milling on a broad extension of the curvature. It allows the pizza maker to pick the pizza up from the side position, not just from the front. Plus, having no corners makes it easier to place the pizzas closer to each other inside the oven, optimizing use of the space.
  • The head of the peel: Gi.Metal is the first company to have conceived, designed and manufactured the unique perforation for pizza peels, ensuring lighter weight and flour discharge, which eliminates burning under the dough disk. Gi.Metal dedicates the same attention to those who prefer a traditional solid pizza peel, with a wide range of perfectly efficient items.
  • The size of the head: To be chosen according to the diameter of the pizza to be prepared.
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