When three brothers opened Ginny’s Neighborhood Pizza Joint in 2020, they probably didn’t wonder if business would be too good. Maybe they should have.

Explaining to TribLive why their pizza place was up for sale for $1.75 million, owner Chris Juricich clarified that it wasn’t because the four-year-old restaurant was struggling. On the contrary, he said. 

“It’s almost too busy,” Juricich told TribLive. “We have four other businesses between my brothers and myself, and we’re kind of running around like chickens with our heads cut off attending to all of them.”

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The pizzeria is named after Chris, Nick and Michael Juricich’s grandmother, Virginia “Ginny” Nigro, who was a restaurateur in her own right. She owned Nigro’s Restaurant in North Versailles, Pennsylvania. 

Ginny’s Neighborhood Pizza Joint, located in Murrysville, Pennsylvania, is a full-service restaurant and bar. According to a real estate listing by the Specialty Group, business has grown for Ginny’s each year since 2020, with 2023 being the busiest year yet. 

The restaurant expanded in 2022, taking over the space next to it, previously a State Farm agency, and turned it into a lounge. The expansion upped the restaurant’s capacity to 100 people.

For $1.75 million, the new owner will be entitled to the lease on the dining room and lounge areas, including outdoors seating. They will also get all furniture and equipment in addition to the restaurant’s state liquor license. The brothers have said they are not willing to sell to just anybody, though.

“We’ve fielded a couple of offers, but we’re really taking our time. We’re not in any hurry to sell,” Juricich told TribLive. “It’s named for our grandmother and we really want to make sure it’s in good hands going forward.”