One of Brooklyn’s hippest pizzerias is taking a page out of Pizza Hut’s book: Fini Pizza is offering free pizza to children via a reading program. 

As first reported by Newsday, the upscale Williamsburg slice shop is offering a free pizza to kids who read three books in a month and can prove it to a team member. All that’s required as proof is the title of each book and a two-sentence description of what the books are about. 

Opened in 2022, Fini Pizza has made a name for itself with $5 slices and $30+ whole pizzas. The owner, Sean Feeney, co-owns Lilia, a Brooklyn eatery with Italian fare. Fini has already expanded to three locations—in addition to the original Williamsburg shop, there are Fini Pizzas in Barclays Center Plaza and Amagansett, New York (on Long Island). 

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Pies at Fini include a Tomato Pie, a White Pie (fontina, Parmesan, mozzarella and lemon) and the Long Hot Pepper and Shallot (sliced long hot peppers, shallots, San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella). The pizzeria also offers Sicilian square slices and dairy-free Italian Ice and gelato. 

As far as the reading program goes, it’s a promotion similar to Pizza Hut’s famous BOOK IT! Program, which was founded in 1984. It also appears to be just one of the many ways Fini Pizza is growing its brand via grassroots organizing: The pizzeria’s website contains a host of other causes it’s fighting for, from greening up the streets of Brooklyn to offering a 25% discount to members of the city’s fire and police departments as well as to educators.