Vegan pizza is on the rise. While one might assume that means an increasing number of people are switching to vegan diets—they may be—it’s also owed to the younger generation of diners who identify as so-called “flexitarians,” or those who try to cut down on meat and dairy consumption rather than avoid them altogether.

A list of the fastest-growing ingredients in the world of pizza proves this: According to Datassential, “plant-based” is the fastest-growing term on pizzeria menus, having grown over 4,000% across four years. Similarly, “vegan cheese” has grown 145% across four years and projects to appear on 8% of industry menus by 2027.

Perhaps with these things in mind, Tasting Table recently listed its “24 Top-Rated Spots to Get Vegan Pizza in the U.S.” As the publication notes, one of the major reasons vegan pizza is being taken more seriously is because vegan cheese and other ingredients have come a really long way in taste and texture.

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“Plant-based cheese [was once] unpredictable: frequently bland, plastic-tasting, and completely unlike dairy cheese,” the publication wrote. “Thankfully, vegan cheese has improved considerably in recent years and some brands have even managed to recreate its stretch and pull. As a result, vegan pizza tastes a whole lot better.”

Here are the 24 spots that Tasting Table feels are seizing the moment and making some great vegan pizza.

Double Zero (New York City)

A vegan pizza from Double Zero, a vegan eatery in New York City. The Neapolitan-style pizza features leafy greens.

Double Zero

This Neoplitan joint in the East Village has made a name for itself by being completely meat- and dairy-free since it opened in 2016. The Tasting Table notes that Double Zero’s cheeses are all nut-based and made in house.

Screamer’s Pizzeria (Brooklyn, NY)

Screamer’s is another vegan pizzeria in New York that opened in 2016—imagine that. Screamer’s cheese is made with coconut and potato-starch.

Da Legna at Nola (New Haven, CT)

One of the newer standouts on the New Haven pizza scene is Da Legna at Nola. The restaurant and brewery has an enormous pizza menu that includes some solid vegan options.

20th Street Pizza (Philadelphia, PA)

When it opened in 2019, 20th Street Pizza represented the second all-vegan restaurant from culinary wizard Mark Mebus. The shop offers pizza, calzones and an array of other Italian-adjacent dishes. Tasting Table calls out the Spicy Romesco Hot Potato Pizza as one of the pizzeria’s finest offerings.

Stoked Wood Fired Pizza (Boston, MA)

A white vegan pie from Stoked Wood Fired Pizza in Boston, Massachusetts.

Stoked Wood Fired Pizza

Stoked said its pizza influences come from a wide range of styles: from Naples, to New Haven, to New York styles.

“We take special care to ensure that diners with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-sensitive dietary preferences can find themselves having a top-quality dining experience at Stoked,” the restaurant writes on its website.

Zorch Pizza (Richmond, VA)

Zorch, born in 2021, tests a lot of culinary boundaries with its unique menu. One of its standout specialty pies, Tasting Table reports, is a vegan chicken and waffle pie. The shop mostly does New York-style pies, bound round and square, and nearly its entire menu can be ordered as a vegan version.

Ammazza (Atlanta, GA)

This standout Atlanta shop offers seven different pies with house-made cashew cheese. The pizzeria says it uses Caputo 00 flour and cooks its Neapolitan-meets-New-York style pies at 900 degrees.

Kitchen 17 (Chicago, IL)

What would this list be without a couple entries from the Windy City? Kitchen 17 claims to be the “Original Vegan Chicago Deep Dish” pizza. The shop even offers to ship frozen vegan options via its vegan food store.

Dimo’s Pizza (Chicago, IL)

A vegan margarita pie from Dimo's Pizza in Chicago.

Dimo’s Pizza

Dimo’s has four locations around Chicago, and each of them serves damn good pizza. The menu at Dimo’s features everything from a PB&J Sandwich (almond butter, strawberry fig jam, brie on sourdough) to a Vegan mac and cheese pizza (known as The Vegan Mac). The small, beloved chain serves four other vegan pies and even carries a House Vegan Ranch.

4th and State (Columbus, OH)

Depending on who you ask, Columbus, Ohio, is either an up-and-coming foodie city or a city with a culinary scene that has fully arrived. 4th and State is a family-owned vegan diner in downtown Columbus. While the menu features an array of diner-style fare, there are also seven different pizzas on the menu with the additional option of building your own pie.

Pie Sci (Detroit, MI)

Pie Sci is one of the very best Detroit-style pizzerias around the Motor City. The pizza menu has so much depth that it’s broken into several different categories of pie. Nearly all of the pizzas, though, can be made as a vegan version, tapping into a loyal customer base at Pie Sci.

Piatto Neapolitan Pizzeria (Wichita, KS)

Piatto specializes in the art of Neapolitan pizza in the heartland of Wichita, Kansas. The shop’s extensive menu features eight different vegan pies. No fewer than two of those pies feature pistachios, which sounds delightful.

Big Nonna’s (Austin, TX)

A beetaroni pizza from Big Nonna's in Austin, Texas. It's a vegan pie where beets are subbed for pepperoni.

Big Nonna’s

Austin’s culinary scene has exploded over the past couple of decades, to the point where it now has its very own plant-based pizzeria and ice cream parlor. One of Big Nonna’s most popular pies is the “Beetaroni,” which is what it sounds like: a pepperoni-like pie with beets instead of pepperoni.

Pizza Heaven Bistro (Phoenix, AZ)

For vegans and those who enjoy vegan food in Phoenix, Pizza Heaven Bistro has you covered. The pizzeria serves brick-oven pizzas as well as vegan versions of salads, pastas, pizzas and desserts. The shop even offers vegan catering options like Baked Vegan Ziti and more.

Piante Pizzeria (Breckenridge, CO)

Piante Pizzeria was founded in January 2017 as a way to serve plant-based fare to the famous ski town of Breckenridge, Colorado. “We believe in offering a healthier and more sustainable approach to dining for all who seek incredibly delicious food, wine & beer; great music, a cozy, family-friendly atmosphere, at reasonable prices for both locals and visitors, while serving from a shared intention,” the restaurant writes on its website.

Pi Vegan Pizzeria (Seattle, WA)

And the list finally arrives on the west coast, which has perhaps always been a little more vegan friendly than other parts of the country. Pi Vegan Pizzeria lives up to its name by offering artisan, handcrafted vegan pizza to its customer base. One memorable review of the restaurant reads, “Best pizza ever! And I’m not even fully vegan yet. I would choose this over regular pizza any day.”

Boxcar Pizza (Portland, OR)

A square pie from Boxcar Pizza in Portland, Oregon.

Boxcar Pizza

The takeout pizza boxes at Boxcar Pizza in Portland, Oregon, read “Always Vegan—Always Tasty.” Founded in 2020, the shop does square vegan pies and features a very good dog in its logo.

Rudy’s Pizza PDX (Portland, OR)

Rudy’s Pizza PDX has a “traditional menu” and a “vegan menu.” Apparently, people swear by both, as the joint has been in business since 2006. “Rudy celebrates his passion and creativity for cooking by creating new and exciting pizza combinations for all to enjoy including our very large base of both vegan and gluten-free customers,” the pizzeria writes on its website.

Blue Line Pizza (Bay Area)

Blue Line Pizza has six traditional brick-and-mortar locations alongside four storefronts at stadiums across the Bay Area. It seems nobody can get enough Blue Line Pizza, which was once voted “Best Pizza in Silicon Valley.” Blue Line Pizza was formerly known as Little Star Pizza, founded in 2004, but chose its new name as a “nod to Chicago, the birthplace of deep-dish pizza.”

Bare Knuckle Pizza (Oakland, CA)

Historically known by many as San Francisco’s little brother, Oakland’s culinary scene has blown up over the last decade. Bare Knuckle Pizza was one of the pioneers on that scene, opened in 2012 by Viet Nguyen. The concept started as a pop-up at the local farmers market before claiming a location in the heart of downtown Oakland. The shop serves Neapolitan pizza as whole pies with a few vegan options at any given moment.

Masa of Echo Park (Los Angeles, CA)

Masa of Echo Park serves up Chicago-inspired deep-dish pies in the City of Angels. The shop subs in Teese Vegan Mozzarella for its vegan friends.

Pura Vita (Los Angeles, CA)

A bianca Neapolitan pie created by Pura Vita in Los Angeles.

Pura Vita

Pura Vita has a pair of locations in the Los Angeles area, one in West Hollywood and the other in Redondo Beach. The restaurant, created by Chef Tara Punzone, offers Neapolitan pies on dough that has undergone a 48-hour fermentation process. The restaurant recently claimed Veg News’s “Best Vegan Italian Restaurant” award.

Donna Jean (San Diego, CA)

Donna Jean has a location in Los Angeles and one in San Diego. Founded by chef Roy Elam, the place is strictly plant-based and offers vegan pizza-making classes to its following. Elam named the restaurant after his mother, Donna Jean, who passed away at the age of 55. Elam writes on his website that he believes her breast cancer could’ve been prevented by plant-based eating.

Evel Pie (Las Vegas, NV)

One of the more eccentric pizza concepts in the country, Evel Pie was inspired by daredevil Evel Knievel. The pizzeria might be best known for offering a spicy pie, The Reaper, that requires those who try it to first sign a waiver, or as the concept that sold bottles of Russian vodka for $300 for guests to have the right to pour them down the drain (the money went toward the Ukrainian relief effort). But the pizzeria also offers vegan options.

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