Eugene Jetts, co-founder of Jet’s Pizza in Sterling Heights, Michigan, passed away from cancer in 2014. But he’s still on his brother’s mind as the chain celebrates its 45th anniversary.

“He would be so proud to see where we are at today,” said John Jetts, who launched Jet’s Pizza with Eugene in 1978 and now serves as the chain’s president and CEO.

According to Jet’s lore, Eugene was on his way to buy a new house one day. Instead, he somehow ended up signing a lease for a space that would become Jetts Party Shoppe and Pizzeria, the forerunner to the Detroit-style pizza chain that now has 416 locations in 21 states.

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In 1985, John and Eugene changed the eatery’s name to Jet’s Pizza. In 1986, they opened a second store and added a conveyor oven—considered high-tech at the time. Jet’s Pizza continues to innovate to this day. In recent years, Jet’s has adopted text ordering, phone bots and pro-ordering, which lets customers type their orders directly into Jet’s digital ordering system. In late 2022, the company had passed the $100 million mark in orders using AI technology.

Jet’s introduced gluten-free pizza to its menu in 2016 and unveiled a new and improved gluten-free crust last month.

To celebrate 45 years of success, participating Jet’s Pizza locations will offer 45% off all 4 Corner Pizzas and 8 Corner Pizzas for online orders from August 21 to August 27. Customers can redeem the offer by using code ANV45.

“We want to celebrate the past 45 years with our customers because they’re the reason we’ve been around for so long,” John Jetts said. “Cheers to 45 years! We look forward to the next 45.”

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