• Jet’s Pizza has gotten $100 million in orders using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and plans to keep exploring AI’s moneymaking potential.
  • In addition to text ordering, the chain offers pro-ordering, which lets customers type their orders directly into the system, use loyalty points and take advantage of coupons.

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Jet’s Pizza, the 400-store chain based in Sterling Heights, Michigan, is carving a new path in artificial intelligence that’s changing the way customers order pizza online.

Jet’s began exploring AI technology for pizza ordering in the fall of 2019. Since then, the chain has introduced text ordering, pro-ordering and a phone bot. The company recently crossed the $100 million mark for orders made with AI, and it’s just getting started, according to Aaron Nilsson, chief information officer at Jet’s America.

Text ordering is exactly what it sounds like: Customers can place their orders, review them and pay for their pies via text message to the phone number of their local Jet’s Pizza store. They can also text “Re-Pizza” to re-order their favorites again and again.

Pro-ordering, meanwhile, allows customers to type their orders directly into Jet’s digital ordering system. This approach gives customers access to their loyalty club points and chooses the best available coupon for the order.

Jet’s Pizza pioneered text ordering in 2020. The goal: improve the customer experience while allowing staff to focus on making pizzas.

Step 1 of Pro-Ordering

Step 2 of Pro-Ordering

“These types of AI experiences are what, I think, we all hoped would be the promise of computers and the internet since we all were kids,” Nilsson said in a press release. “To be one of the leaders that brings this into everyday life is flattering, exciting and nerve-racking at the same time.”

Jet’s Pizza believes AI technology offers the ultimate customer experience and continues to tap into its pizza-ordering powers. “Getting anything going from nothing to something is hard, and this journey has been as well,” Nilsson said. “But the possibilities with AI and ordering are so exciting that there is a spring in the steps of our teams, reinforced by watching the numbers climb month over month. It has been an amazing run, and we are looking to shift gears again soon.”

Founded in 1978, Jet’s Pizza is listed by research firm Technomic as one of the country’s top 50 pizza chains (No. 33) and ranked No. 12 by overall company sales. Serving up Detroit-style and deep-dish pizzas, the company opened its 400th store in Chicago’s Jefferson Park neighborhood in July 2022.