The late Dom DeMarco was known as a pizza perfectionist who took his sweet time with every pie served at his legendary shop, Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn. As a customer, you ordered your pizza, and then you stepped aside, waited and watched the master at work.

DeMarco, who passed away in March 2022, made terrific hero sandwiches, too. But the demand for his handcrafted pizzas was so high—and his approach so meticulous—there was just no time for anything else. Now his family is branching out with 1012 Kitchen, a sandwich shop down the block from Di Fara’s. And according to Brooklyn Magazine, DeMarco’s descendants are the new heroes of heroes in the borough.

1012 Kitchen opened in early August, and customers sometimes had to wait up to 45 minutes for their sandwiches—not unlike the classic Di Fara Pizza experience in DeMarco’s day. Orders are placed at a takeout window in a space that DeMarco’s youngest son, Harry, previously ran as a sandwich shop called MD Kitchen. That eatery featured Di Fara’s non-pizza dishes and operated from 2012 to 2018, at which time Harry closed it down so he could help his aging father at the pizza shop.

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“This is everything that my dad taught us,” Maggie Mieles, DeMarco’s daughter, told Brooklyn Magazine. “Everything is my dad’s recipes.”

Writing for Eater New York, Robert Sietsema found the 1012 Kitchen fare well worth the 45-minute wait because, he said, “the sandwiches are constructed with extreme care. As I looked inside, the crew was clearly exercising the attention to detail Dom was famous for.”

Sietsema and a friend ordered three sandwiches: the meatball parm, the eggplant parm and the potato and egg. “The meatball parm was the best of the three…with a zingy tomato sauce that rode atop the flavor profile, rich crumbly meatballs and as much mozzarella as was needed and no more,” Sietsema wrote. “The eggplant parm was nearly as good.”

In the Brooklyn Magazine article, Scott Lynch described the meatball parm sandwich as “fantastic…with the fat and impressively garlicky headliners more than holding their own under all that sauce.” Meanwhile, he added, “The sweet sausage and pepper hero is a deliciously sloppy beast.”

Mieles told Brooklyn Magazine that she plans to add pastas and home-cooked entrees to the 1012 Kitchen menu, too. For now, it’s a lunchtime joint, but, an August 3 Instagram post noted, “We will extend hours gradually as we work on figuring out staff.”

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