To honor its 50th anniversary, Hungry Howie’s recently debuted a “secret menu,” where eaters can find a variety of new pizza offerings available exclusively via a QR code. One part of that secret menu makes for quite a visual: the Tie-Dye Pizza, a cheese pizza featuring vibrant, edible glitter.

The colorful Tie-Dye pie retails for $11.99. The secret menu, including the Tie-Dye pie, is now available at all of the brand’s 500-plus restaurants. Available for delivery and carryout, other secret menu options, many with a 1970s theme, include:

  • ’73 Classic ($9.99): Large pizza with 73 slices of classic cupped pepperoni
  • Howie 5-0 ($15.99): Chicken, pineapple, bacon, red onion, jalapeño and spicy BBQ sauce
  • The Greektown ($15.99): Black olives, tomato, mild pepper rings, red onion and feta cheese sprinkled with Greek seasoning
  • Disco Inferno Crust: Ghost pepper-flavored crust that can be added to any pizza offering at no incremental cost

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This photo shows the Disco Inferno pizza topped with black olives, red and yellow peppers and red onions.

Hungry Howie’s / Instagram

To access the secret menu, fans can use an Android or iOS device to scan QR codes that are displayed on Hungry Howie’s pizza boxes and in-store cash registers nationwide. The interactive component unlocks secret menu options in 3D visuals, along with fun surprise-and-delight features. Once a pizza is chosen to order, customers will receive a code and be directed to Hungry Howie’s website to place their order.

The Hungry Howie’s Tie-Dye pie is not the first pizza to feature edible glitter. DagWood’s in Santa Monica, California, once featured an edible glitter pie in honor of Pride Month in 2018, and it proved so popular, it remains on the menu to this day.

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