Pizza Inn, headquartered in The Colony, Texas, with 300-plus locations, is tapping into the flavors of a traditional Italian family dinner with its newest addition, the Chicken Parmesan Pizza. Available all day long, but only for a limited time, the specialty pie offers up a hearty, traditional recipe inspired by Mom’s home cooking. The combination features Pizza Inn’s signature housemade dough, freshly grated whole-milk mozzarella, breaded and hand-sliced chicken breast, hot marinara sauce and house-cut basil.

“Our newest pizza is everything that people love about Italian food in one bite,” says Patricia Scheibmeir, Pizza Inn’s chef. “The Chicken Parmesan Pizza transports you to the dining room table with loved ones for a comfort-food meal—but without having to do all the prep, cooking and cleanup. Family dinner still happens here—and it’s ready to go when you are, any day of the week!”

The Chicken Parmesan Pizza is available system-wide until May 31 in the brand’s All You Can Eat Buffet (alongside its salad bar, pastas and desserts), as well as for delivery and carryout.

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Pizza Inn, in business since 1958, brands itself as America’s Favorite Hometown Pizza Buffet, combining fresh ingredients prepped in-house and a small-town vibe. Its restaurants feature signature pan pizzas, chocolate chip Pizzerts (dessert pizzas), pasta dishes, salads and more. Despite its decades-long history, it continues to create new items to serve modern-day palates, like the recently reintroduced, limited-time-only NYXL Pizza.

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