• PMQ’s Brian Hernandez raided the kitchen for a variety of ingredients to create three original sausage pizza recipes made with some of his favorite ingredients.
  • Featured ingredients include Smithfield Culinary sausage, Melinda’s Craft Pepper Sauces and Mike’s Hot Honey.

Recipe: The Sausage Holiday Tree from Fontanini

In celebration of National Sausage Pizza Day, PMQ Test Chef and U.S. Pizza Team Director Brian Hernandez raided the fridge and the pantry and whipped up three original recipes featuring some of his favorite ingredients, including sausage from Smithfield Culinary, Melinda’s Craft Pepper Sauces, and Mike’s Hot Honey.

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First up: the Smithfield Slawsage. This one starts with a base of Carolina mustard sauce, followed by shredded mozzarella and Smithfield Natural Casing Biased Cut Smoked Sausage. After the bake, Brian finishes the pie with his own coleslaw for a little bonus vinegary flavor and texture.

Smithfield Slawsage Pizza

Next comes the Garlicky Truffle Shuffle. It boasts a red-sauce base, shredded mozz and Smithfield Sliced Cooked Sausage, a thin-cut sausage that looks like pepperoni but tastes like sausage should take. After baking, Brian drizzles on some Melinda’s Spicy Garlic and Parmesan Sauce and Melinda’s Black Truffle Hot Sauce, plus torn sage leaves—just go easy on the sage!

Garlicky Shuffle Truffle Pizza

Finally, it’s time for the Mike’s Spicy Sunrise, made with a base of Brian’s own breakfast gravy. He adds mozz and sharp cheddar cheeses, crumbled breakfast sausage and crumbled breakfast biscuits, followed by a generous drizzle of Mike’s Hot Honey. Talk about the breakfast pizza of champions!

Mike’s Spicy Sunrise Pizza

Watch the video below to get inspired as you explore new specialty pizza options for your restaurant!


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