The Maui Zaui is Round Table's twist on the Hawaiian pizza.

Round Table Pizza

Round Table Pizza Embarks on Quest for a New Brand Vision

The Atlanta-based pizza chain offers King Arthur-themed pies like the Guinevere's Garden Delight and Montague's All-Meat Marvel.

Round Table Pizza, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, has declared itself “pizza royalty” and embarked on a major brand refresh this year to back up the claim.

The Atlanta-based chain’s full rebranding, grounded in significant customer research, has been taking place throughout 2019. It includes a new logo and website, restaurant design, packaging, uniforms and menu items. All elements of the new vision highlight the lore of the Knights of the Round Table.

Specialty pies on the menu include the King Arthur’s Supreme, Montague’s All Meat Marvel, Guinevere’s Garden Delight and the Lance-A-Lot Feast, plus the Maui Zaui and the Wombo Combo, to name a few.

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Global Franchise Group (GFG), the parent company of Round Table, acquired the brand in September 2017 and hired Sterling-Rice Group (SRG) to help create a new brand vision.

This pizza illustrates the types of pizzas available at Round Table
The Lance-A-Lot Feast comes loaded with pepperoni.

“When we acquired Round Table, we knew we were gaining more than just a popular restaurant concept with best-in-category pizza,” said Jenn Johnston, CFG’s chief marketing and operations officer. “We were acquiring a brand with a history, nostalgia and heart. Global Franchise Group’s mission is to champion brands and the people who build them. We wanted to make our passionate franchisees and our loyal customers proud by honoring the brand’s legacy and its rightful place as ‘pizza royalty.’”

Every detail of Round Table’s new brand persona represents the brand’s “Coat of Arms” of honor, valor and revelry. The new logo or brand mark (now used throughout the website and social media) reflects the fun, confident and gallant personality of Round Table Pizza. It was also inspired by the font used in the original Round Table Pizza logo. Look closely at the full logo, and you can see the silhouette of a knight’s helmet between the “D” and “T.” That knight, when taken alone, represents the “R” and the “T” in Round Table, which will be used as a seal and icon found on packaging, uniforms, menus and more.

Round Table Pizza has 440 restaurants across the U.S., with an additional 20 set to open in 2019.

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