Pizza has become a global food, thanks to the expansion of U.S. chains like Pizza Hut and Domino’s into international markets. But other countries are putting their own spin on traditional pizza, too, and teaching Americans a thing or two about artisanal flavors that go beyond pepperoni and sausage.

Take, for example, Pizza Twist, where India meets the U.S. meets Italy, with pies like the Bombay Garlic Chicken Pizza Twist and the Halal Spicy Lamb Kabob Pizza Twist.

Yes, every pizza on the Pizza Twist menu has Twist in its name—it’s part of the chain’s approach to building an identifiable brand that’s growing across the country, even in states like Tennessee, Virginia and Texas.

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Pizza Twist, headquartered in Sacramento, will open its newest store in Bellingham, Washington, on September 1, according to the Bellingham Herald. Pizza Twist already has two stores in Seattle as well as other Washington state locations in Burien, Issaquah, Kent, Lynwood, Puyallup and Redmond.

Pizza Twist also opened a store in Modesto, California this past winter. That one is owned by Swaranjeet Sekhon and Jasbir Kaur and managed by Vick Sekhon, Swaranjeet’s son and Jasbir’s nephew. As the Modesto Bee reported in April, the family immigrated to the U.S. from India in 2006 and settled in California the following year.

They got hooked on the Indian fusion style of pizza dished up by Pizza Twist. “Whenever we would visit our family in Sacramento, we’d get the pizza,” Vick told the Modesto Bee. “So we got tired of eating the same styles of pizza here (in Modesto), so we decided to bring a Pizza Twist here.”

Of course, if you want a traditional Italian-American style pie, don’t worry: Pizza Twist has you covered. You can order the All Meat Pizza (pepperoni, Canadian bacon, ground beef and Italian sausage), a Hawaiian or a Cheeseburger pie, among the numerous options.

But when in an Indian-style pizzeria, do as the Indians do. Try the Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza Twist (chicken breast, fresh diced mozzarella, mushrooms, red onions, bell peppers, garlic, ginger, green chilis and cilantro) or that aforementioned Halal Spicy Lamb Kabob Pizza Twist (sliced halal lamb, tandoori sauce, mozzarella, red onions, spicy jalapeños, diced pineapples, garlic, ginger, green chilis and cilantro).

Don’t eat meat? You don’t have to at Pizza Twist—this is Indian-inspired food, after all. The chain also offers a selection of vegan pies featuring masala paneer, a type of cheese common in Indian cuisine that’s cooked in a flavor-packed, spicy tomato sauce.

In other words, Pizza Twist’s menu is extensive, catering to both traditional and exotic tastes. And when a Pizza Twist restaurant opens, adventurous eaters take notice. “In this local community, they are very new to this (kind of pizza),” Vick told the Bee. “So we’re excited to introduce them to this. And people are generally very excited to come and try our pizza here.”

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