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Peter Izzo Delivers More Pizza Drama on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

  • Peter Izzo, owner of Peter’s Pizzeria, took another stab at TV dating on “Bachelor in Paradise” but still hasn’t found true love.
  • Izzo, who previously appeared on “The Bachelorette,” quit the latest competition after stirring up drama and falling out with fellow competitors. Is it all just part of the act? 

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Peter Izzo, the pizzeria owner who rose to fame on the 18th season of ABC’s “The Bachelorette,” returned to reality TV this fall on “Bachelor in Paradise”—and now he’s apparently gone again.

The ABC show brings together former contestants from “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” to “explore new relationships in a secluded, dreamy paradise in Mexico.”

Izzo owns Peter’s Pizzeria in Port St. Joe and Boca Raton, Florida. He started the Port St. Joe location in 2019, then went on to open the Boca Raton store in November 2021. He only lasted a few episodes on “The Bachelorette” but stirred up plenty of drama—and social media buzz—while also plugging his pizza shop.

Apparently, Izzo played a similar role on “Bachelor in Paradise” before abruptly quitting the show in an episode that aired earlier this month. But when he’s off-camera, Izzo might be a good bit easier to get along with and has shown a commitment to the community and a laser-sharp focus on his craft as a pizzaiolo.

Peter Izzo delivers pies to a hospital on National Nurses Day. (Peter’s Pizzeria / Facebook)

In one recent episode, Bustle reports, Izzo, known to the show’s fans as “Pizza Pete,” went on an “awkward date” with Britanny Galvin, who appeared on season 25 of “The Bachelor.”

They didn’t click, and according to Bustle, Izzo blamed it on Galvin herself. In a conversation with his fellow bachelors, he claimed Galvin had an “ulterior motive” for being on the show. “I do honestly feel like, in my gut, her intentions of being here are not to find a genuine connection,” he said. Rather, he suspected she just wanted to get more followers on Instagram.

Well, you know how things go when you confide a secret in a reality dating show. Izzo’s rival, Casey Woods, spilled the beans to Galvin. Next thing you know, Galvin and two other bachelorettes were urging Izzo to eliminate himself from the competition and just go home.

Izzo initially refused. Woods fainted from all the drama and had to be whisked away in an ambulance. Jacob Rapini, another bachelor, threatened to go “full Tarzan” on Izzo and teach him “humility and respect.”

Then Izzo quit the show. But he made sure to slip in one last plug for Peter’s Pizzeria before signing off with a defiant “Buongiorno, b*tches!” Rapini then noted that “Buongiorno” actually means “good morning.”

Was all of that drama just an act? Every reality dating show has at least one “bad guy.” Izzo certainly seems to know his pizza—he studied the craft in Italy—and, interestingly, the Peter’s Pizzeria website makes no mention of the owner’s reality-TV ties.

Additionally, Izzo recently provided 50 free pies to victims of Hurricane Ian. In an October reel on Instagram, he is shown getting ready to deliver the pizzas and tells his followers, “Never forget: Work hard. Be nice.” In May, Izzo also delivered pies to the Boca Raton Regional Hospital to celebrate National Nurses Day.

In a November 14, 2021 review published in the Deerfield News of Deerfield Beach, Florida, Howard Levy praised Peter’s Pizzeria for offering “the best Neapolitan pizza in the area.” He also reported meeting Izzo in person outside the restaurant. Izzo, Levy said, “has a magnetic personality” and “could not have been friendlier or easier to talk with.”