Call it a sly—and genuinely funny—marketing ploy. Or call it a cruel hoax played upon all the millions of Americans who like to get stray bits of corn stuck in their teeth while munching on pizza. Either way, Little Caesars has pulled a classic bait-and-switch: There will be no pie with a corncob crust (whaaa??), but the chain is bringing back its Pretzel Crust Pizza for a limited time this spring.

Little Caesars said the salty, savory crust is returning due to customer demand. The Pretzel Crust Pizza was introduced as an LTO in 2014. It’s a soft pretzel-crust pizza with a creamy cheddar cheese sauce, mozzarella and Muenster cheeses, and pepperoni.

The specialty pizza became available on March 27 for $6.99. It can be customized with a cheese-stuffed crust option or with Little Caesars’ traditional tomato sauce.

“We are thankful to have countless Pretzel Crust Pizza fans that are extremely vocal about their love for this product,” said Little Caesars Chief Marketing Officer Greg Hamilton in a press release. “Despite bringing it back several times, it feels like the pretzel fervor has not waned. We’re bracing ourselves for the predictable outcry on social media when it eventually goes away.”

Earlier this month, Little Caesars released a pair of promotional videos touting a new corncob crust pizza that could be ordered with a 2-liter bottle of liquified butter. However, the ads’ tone was clearly comedic, and accompanying pop-up graphics actually referred to a pretzel crust, suggesting that the ads were an early April Fool’s Day joke to build excitement for the pretzel-crust offering.

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