Is Little Caesars offering a new type of pizza crust straight outta Bizzaro World, or is it just a corny April Fool’s joke?

“It’s raining corn!” proclaims a spokesperson identifying himself as “Jon Jahy Pepp from Little Caesaahs” on a video ad released on March 21 by the chain. The video, posted on various social media platforms, claims that Little Caesars has developed a pizza with a corn cob crust. It also supposedly comes with a 2-liter bottle of liquified butter.

“For years fans have asked us for a unique pizza with a crust like no other,” Pepp teases in the video. “Something salty, something buttery, something cheesy.” He explains that Little Caesars customers have been tweeting, commenting and “leaving personal voice mails” as they clamor for this new type of crust.

As Pepp runs through his comedic routine, however, accompanying pop-up graphics refer not to a (likely fictional) corn-cob crust but to Little Caesars’ more traditional pretzel crust pizza. The graphics strongly hint that the ads are an early April Fool’s Day joke to build excitement for the return of the pretzel-crust offering.

Even though April Fool’s Day is two weeks away, most fans on Twitter seemed to get the joke. As they cracked wise in the comments section, Little Caesars’ social media manager played right along.


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