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Famed Pizzeria, Olive Oil Brand Announce Collaboration

This Hollywood pizzeria's new trio of olive-themed pies will be unveiled in celebration of National Pizza Month in October.

Famed pizzeria L’antica Pizzeria da Michele is partnering with olive oil company Graza to launch a month-long “Ode to Olive” collaborative series at the restaurant’s New York and Los Angeles locations. The trio of pies—plus one dessert item—will hit the menu starting Oct. 1, and are meant to honor National Pizza Month.

“The new collaborative series and celebration of the harmonious flavor combination of pizza and olives seeks to brings an authentic taste of Italy and Spain stateside through L’antica’s use of imported Italian ingredients and Graza’s everyday cooking oil composed of hand-picked Picual olives, sourced from Jaen, Spain,” a press release said. “Guests will enjoy a limited-edition menu of olive-inspired pizza [and] desserts that meld the 152-year Naples-born pizza recipe with Graza’s Spanish-picked, pressed and bottled 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil ‘Drizzle’. For olive-oil obsessed guests, L’antica will offer a special retail pop-up at both locations, where guests can purchase a bottle of ‘Drizzle’ for at-home cooking at retail pricing ($19.99).”

The new “Ode to The Olive” menu features three new olive-inspired pizzas topped with Graza’s “Drizzle” oil for an added bright and punchy richness, as well as an ultra-luxurious Graza Olive Oil Cake + Gelato. The new pizzas include:

  • Puttanesca Pizza topped with Graza’s ‘Drizzle’ Oil, $28
  • Spicy Sausage, Green Olive & Burrata Pizza topped with Graza’s ‘Drizzle’ Oil , $32
  • Cacio e Pepe Pizza topped with Graza’s ‘Drizzle’ Oil, $30
  • Graza Olive Oil Cake finished with Olive Oil Gelato, $16

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“As the brainchild of owner Francesco Zimone, L’antica Pizzeria da Michele brings an authentic slice of Italy and over 152 years of expert pizza-making experience to the U.S. through their use of imported Italian ingredients, honoring age-old cooking traditions and techniques and genuinely felt hospitality,” the press release said.

L’antica Pizzeria da Michele was an already well-known pizzeria when it was featured in the film Eat Pray Love, which only ramped the restaurant’s reputation up a notch. The pizzeria recently opened a location in New York and will soon open another one in Long Beach. Other locations include Hollywood and Santa Barbara.