DiGiorno, the frozen pizza giant that brought the world Cinnamon Roll breakfast pizza, recently announced on Twitter a limited-edition Pineapple Pickle Pizza.

It was later revealed via press release that the limited-edition frozen pie will only be available via giveaway. Beginning September 5, those looking for adventure in their frozen pizza will be able to sign up for the weekly promotion.

The pizzas appear to be half pineapple, half pickle—thereby combining two of the most controversial pizza toppings on one pie. Whether or not the respective toppings belong on pizza is a frequently debated topic on social media channels. The #PicklePizza hashtag has trended on TikTok recently, while pineapple is more of a legacy topic of controversy.

This isn’t the first time DiGiorno has pushed the innovation envelope lately. In addition to the Cinnamon Roll breakfast pizzas, the company recently announced DiGiorno-branded pizza vending machines. No word yet on whether or not the Pineapple Pickle pizzas will someday be offered out of a pizza vending machine—time will tell.

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