Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream was putting pickles on pizzas before it was cool, according to Tom Sacco, the midwestern chain’s CEO and chief happiness officer.

In an announcement about two Happy Joe’s specialty pies—the Super Max Pizza and the Sloppy Joe Pizza—Sacco said he’s tickled by the pickle-pizza Johnny-come-latelies.

“I had to chuckle when I read some of the quick-service pizza chains claiming to be innovative by adding pickles to pizza when we’ve been doing that for years,” Sacco said in a press release. “Every Midwesterner knows that nothing brings out the flavor of a great burger or Sloppy Joe sandwich like pickles, which is why we added them to our pizzas. We take great pride in knowing our guests’ preferred tastes, so we don’t need to hop on food trends because, when it comes to pickles, we are the original trendsetter.”

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Pizza Hut is the largest pizza chain thus far to peddle pickles on pies, but it did so on a very limited basis—at one location in New York for two days (June 9-11). Moreover, that pizza was a variation of the trendy Nashville hot chicken pizza, featuring breaded chicken breast, onions, cheese, a buttermilk ranch sauce, Nashville Hot Seasoning and a buttermilk ranch drizzle, in addition to spicy dill pickles.

But pickles have been a topping option on the kid-friendly Happy Joe’s menu since 1994, the company said. Additionally, the brand’s popular Super Max Pizza, an Italian-style cheeseburger pizza, features dill pickle slices along with ground beef, onions and American cheese, plus shredded lettuce and diced tomatoes after the bake.

On April 20, the chain added the limited-time Sloppy Joe Pizza, boasting a flaky pan-style crust, ground beef, a Sloppy Joe sauce and mozzarella, provolone and cheddar cheeses, finished with dill pickle slices and mustard. It will be offered through June 30.

Happy Joe’s is currently offering a large Super Max Pizza and a large Sloppy Joe Pizza for $30 at participating locations.

“Part of our mission at Happy Joe’s is to have a memorable experience with our guests, and there’s no better way to remind them that we started this pickle craze than by offering two of our favorites at one great price,” Sacco said. “I guarantee that, after one bite, everyone will see why other pizza brands have followed our lead and offered pickles as a topping.”

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