Prior to the pandemic, Little Caesars had already rolled out its contactless Pizza Portal pickup system.

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Customers Boost Little Caesars’ Effort to Donate 1 Million Pizzas to Frontline Workers

After Little Caesars recently announced it would donate 1 million pizzas to healthcare workers and first responders dealing with the coronavirus crisis, customers stepped forward to boost the effort. So far, they’ve donated an additional 125,000 pizzas to the effort via the global chain’s ordering app and at

Customer contributions will go toward pizza servings at hospitals, police department, and fire departments around the nation over the coming weeks, Little Caesars said in a statement.

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Delivery of the customer-donated pizzas will be coordinated by Little Caesars and its thousands of independent franchisees. “As a family company, we wanted to thank our healthcare heroes in the best way we know how—by delivering millions of wholesome meals to them around the country,” says Little Caesars President and CEO Dave Scrivano. “The fact that so many of our customers have jumped on board to contribute even more shows that the spirit of kindness and generosity is alive and well, even during times of crisis. ”

Little Caesars recently announced contactless options for both delivery and carry-out through the Little Caesars app. Pizzas are baked in 475°F ovens to ensure food safety and never touched after baking.

Prior to the pandemic, Little Caesars also rolled out the contactless Pizza Portal, an order pickup method where customers can scan their phones and retrieve their orders from heated compartments. The chain says it has also reinforced cleanliness and sanitization procedures, increasing the frequency of cleaning commonly touched surfaces including door handles, glass, countertops, Pizza Portal surfaces, phones and cash registers.