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New Wave Foods Introduces Plant-Based Shrimp

New Wave Shrimp is the first of New Wave Foods’ plant-based shellfish products. In this video interview, PMQ’s Chris Green learns how New Wave Foods offers a fresh and healthy take on seafood. New Wave Shrimp’s delicious taste, texture and versatility will allow you to create signature dishes that captivate … More

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Idea Zone: Lincoln’s New 2424 Aperion Impinger Is Company’s Fastest-Cooking Oven

Lincoln, a leading Welbilt brand of commercial cooking equipment, has introduced its new high-performance midsize conveyor oven: The Lincoln 2424 Aperion Impinger. Aperion, which derives from the Greek word for “boundless or unlimited,” is the perfect description for Lincoln’s new impingement oven. This unique oven is brimming with features designed to maximize efficiency without ever compromising on the quality for which Lincoln is renowned. The Lincoln … More