According to an article from in Wrightstown, Wisconsin, “The Wrightstown High School Booster Club is changing the approach to its annual pizza sale.”

The report said, “Instead of having pizza callers solicit orders over the phone, the booster club will be printing coupons in local newspapers.”

The idea is that people can use the discounted coupons at Dick’s Family Foods for pizzas, that will benefit the booster club.

The coupons will run in the paper, and the sale will be between January 29th and February 11th.

The article said, “Anyone who needs to have pizzas delivered, or has other questions about this fund-raising program, is asked to call Paula Boylan at 920-532-4185, Mary Jo VandenWymelenberg at 920-532-4158 or Lois Cornette at 920-864-7445.”

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