Will Sbarro See 2010?

According to an article from, "Under normal circumstances, Sbarro's heavy emphasis on mall locations makes perfect sense."

“They're really well-situated to be in a mall,” says Robert Welcher, president and CEO of Restaurant Consultants Inc. Welcher says that Sbarro's cafeteria-style setup and portable entrees are designed to appeal to hungry shoppers—but that's assuming there are shoppers," said the story.

"With foot traffic in retail centers down 12.9 percent in January and holiday shopping in 2008 down 15 percent from the previous year, Sbarro found itself named last week to Yahoo! Finance's list of “15 Companies That Might Not Survive 2009.” "It's not the pizza that's the problem,” the list reads. “Sbarro can't really boost revenue by adding a breakfast or late-night menu like other chains have done. And competitors like Domino's and Pizza Hut have less debt and stronger cash flow, which could intensify pressure on Sbarro as key debt payments come due in 2009," according to the article.

So what can Sbarro do to ensure its survival?

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