Why You Should Become a ‘Healthful Company’ to Succeed in the Functional Food Revolution

DUBLIN, Ireland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c66515) has announced the addition of “The Functional Foods Revolution” to their offering.

The Functional Foods Revolution is a new and unique book explaining functional foods and nutraceuticals including: nutrition research, health claims, regulation, business strategy, companies, products, brands, consumers and diet and introducing a radical new business model for success.

Authored by Dr Michael Heasman and Julian Mellentin, Directors of the Centre for Food and Health Studies, and the widely-recognised international experts on the business of food and health

What the people say…

‘Heasman and Mellentin’s “The Functional Foods Revolution” is truly a revolutionary look at the hottest topic in the food industry today. A must have for anyone interested in the strategic issues and challenges affecting the global functional foods industry.’

Clare M. Hasler, Ph.D. – Founding Director, Functional Foods for Health Program, University of Illinois

‘This book is the state-of-the-art in functional foods. The book demystifies functional foods most efficiently and is enriched with good illustrative examples. It is one of the few comprehensive books on functional foods currently available and is highly recommendable for anyone who wants to know more about this ‘revolution’.’

Malin BrÄnnback – Professor, Research Director

Patricia Wiklund – Researcher, Innomarket, Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, Finland

‘Both comprehensive and visionary! With their most inspiring business model, ‘The Healthful CompanyTM’, Heasman and Mellentin are challenging the global food industry to rethink their basic mission, in placing a holistic health approach at the centre of it.’

Linda Vansteenwinckel – Marketing Manager, Health Ingredients, ORFFA Health & Nutrition

‘An inspiring, compelling and totally absorbing read. I started with trepidation, expecting a struggle, and finished it with delight’

Mary Cawley – Brand Consultant, Brandhouse WTS

‘This unique and timely publication provides an excellent overview of the global functional foods ‘revolution’. The publication covers consumer acceptance and policy and regulatory issues. I especially appreciated the ‘seven basic business strategies’ that the authors indicate are being utilized by companies hoping to find success in the functional food market. As the president of a Canadian-based industry association with national and international membership, the invaluable information within the book has been extremely important to my ‘competitive intelligence’ activities. A great book for a great price!’

Kelley C Fitzpatrick – President, Saskatchewan Nutraceutical Network, Canada

‘There is a modem transition in the relationship between foods and health. Scientists and the food industry are excited about the potential of “functional foods” and how this concept can improve human health and market food products. Heasman and Mellentin provide the history and future for the functional foods revolution. They also provide caution to marketers in making unwarranted statements and claims. This is a must read for every person interested in foods and health’

Professor Dennis T Gordon – Department of Cereal Science, North Dakota State University

‘Heasman and Mellentin cover the area of functional foods in an excellent and professional way. It is obvious how well the authors know the international situation in this area. The chapter describing Finland was very informative and gave a realistic picture of what is going on here. The last chapter is well worth reading – it might give you some good new ideas!’

Annika Mäyra-Mäkinen – Senior Vice President, R&D, VALIO Ltd, Finland

‘This book brings together perspectives from business and academia, and links them in a way that no other book has succeeded in doing. The perspective on public health is well developed and poses new and interesting questions. Those in academic circles would be well advised to read this book in order to develop an understanding of the business of functional foods. Conversely, those engaged in business will find much to learn about public health and the concerns of the public and regulators concerning the growth of the functional food market. An essential read for everyone’

Dr Martin Caraher, Reader in Food and Social Policy, Centre for Food Policy, Thames Valley University, London

‘The book should be read by those in the food industry and those in the associated area of nutrition. Functional foods are seen as a growing development in the future and there are many who need to be aware of the importance of this. This is a book they should know about and read’

Professor Frank D Gunstone – Scottish Crop Research Institute, Dundee, Scotland, writing in Lipid Technology Newsletter

‘Heasman and Mellentin cut through the regulatory red-tape to present a refreshingly incisive and up-to-the-minute account of the development of the functional foods sector’

Richard Dillon – Editor, World Food Law

Key Topics Covered Include:

  • A New Era in Food and Health?
  • What are Functional Foods: Functional Foods Explained and Why They Are Important
  • CASE STUDY: Benecol – The Rise and Fall of the Colossus of the Functional Food World
  • Risk, Regulation and Policy Dilemmas
  • A Clash of Two Nutrition Revolutions: ‘Healthy Eating’ versus ‘Functional Food’
  • Eating and Drinking in the Risk Society: Implications of Risk for Functional Food
  • Health Claims and Functional Food
  • The Unfolding of the Functional Food Revolution Across the World
  • The Japanese Invented Functional Food
  • The United States: Blurring the Boundaries Between Food, Medicine, and Health
  • Is Finland the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Functional Food?
  • Global Marketing and Strategic Challenges
  • The Marketing of Functional Food and the European Dairy Industry
  • Functional Food Strategies: Seven Lessons from the Revolution
  • The ‘Healthful Company’: A Leap Forward

For more information visit http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c66515

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