According to an article on “One of the best relationship movies ever made was When Harry Met Sally, which featured Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in the title roles. In that movie, Harry betrayed all men by revealing the stark truth: Men and women can’t be friends. Oh, they can be friendly, they can even act like friends, but when you get down to it, the men are invariably looking for, well, what men invariably look for—S*E*X. But what about unattractive women friends, wondered Sally (who was anything but)? “No, you pretty much want to nail them too,” Harry revealed. The fact is that most friendships between men and women are altered by the electricity of sexual attraction, which means they’re not pure friendships such as can be enjoyed between members of the same gender but a slightly disturbing hybrid.”

“Of course, that film was so late 1980s! By the early 1990s, this truth was so readily acknowledged that the term “booty call” had entered the vernacular, and by the mid 1990s, the phrase “friend with benefits” followed hot on its (rounded) heels. And incredibly, it was just as likely to be female fingers doing the walking—anyone could reach out and touch someone. Clearly, I grew up in the wrong era (the supposedly libertine 1970s), never once receiving such a summons. But the routine introduction of sex into friendship didn’t eliminate complications like differing expectations, entangled feelings, pregnancy and the like,” said the story. “Relationships are tough enough, but the ending of a relationship is especially fraught with peril. Until a relationship ends, two people are tethered to one another by common geography, overlapping goals, shared time, revealed emotions, and above all, by the joined effort to preserve the relationship. But when a relationship becomes unmoored, all bets are off. And what will become of all that was shared? How will things be divided? Well, these are the questions with which lawyers, courts and mediators wrestle. Fortunately, we weren’t subjected to a disillusioning sequel: When Harry Quit Sally. That would have been so French. But as we shall see, real life is quite a bit messier than most Hollywood movies.”

“When I review a restaurant, I may give some sense of where it ranks among like restaurants, but I normally avoid direct comparison with its competitors. In the case of Harry’s Bishop’s Corner, I made an exception because I couldn’t meaningfully review it without addressing public confusion with Harry’s Pizza Napoletana, also located in West Hartford. A few Hartford County residents may know the full story behind these two competing eateries, but most Nutmeggers do not. I’m going to take people through my investigation sequentially, so they can experienced its highs and lows just as I did,” according to the article.

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Harry’s Bishop’s Corner
cuisine: New Haven-style Pizza
pizzas: $9.25 – $23
address: 732 North Main Street, West Hartford
phone: (860) 236-0400

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