By Alex Koons, Hot Tongue Pizza

Go beyond the grocery store and make your own vegan proteins! Today I want to gift you with the plant-based sausage recipe I use at Hot Tongue Pizza. It’s tasty, easy to make, and much cheaper than anything sold at the grocery store.

It takes a little time, but the results are always worth it. This is similar to the vegan pepperoni recipe I’ve shared—same concept, different flavor! Enjoy!

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You will need for this recipe:

Kitchen scale

Dry Ingredients:
321g vital wheat gluten
3g chili flakes
16g nutritional yeast
25g salt
15g onion powder
26g granulated garlic
23g fennel
6g oregano
14g paprika

Wet Ingredients:
52g lemon juice
110g coconut aminos
49g apple cider vinegar
13g molasses
296g veggie broth

In a large bowl, weigh out dry ingredients and whisk all of them together. Measure all wet ingredients in a pitcher or bowl and whisk them together. Pour wet ingredient mixture into the large bowl of the dry ingredients and mix together by hand. Bring it all together into an almost dough-like mixture. There should be no dry pockets; knead together until all of the wet ingredients have been soaked up.

Weigh out 6- to 7-oz. logs and wrap them tightly into foil. (Twist both sides really tightly, like paper-wrapped caramel candies.) Cook in a steamer for 90 minutes. Do not unwrap. Cool on sheet racks until they are room temperature. Grind in a food processor to make ground sausage, or use however you would like!

Alex Koons is the owner of Hot Tongue Pizza and co-owner of Purgatory Pizza, both in Los Angeles.


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