October 1, 2011(OpenPress) — Italian cuisine tops diners’ favorite list for its rich flavor and delicious taste. Authentic and unique Italian recipes gives the feel of home and is available in wide variety to satisfy food-lovers’ hungry appetites. For diners who look for Italian style cuisine, Valerio’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria announces monthly coupons with a list of tantalizing menus. Being one of the best Italian Restaurants in Erie PA, Valerio’s has been serving the surrounding areas with tastier pizza recipes and additional American style favorites. 

“Italian food is chosen by many people for the dishes are usually prepared using fresh ingredients and with a unique taste”, says the spokesperson of Valeriospizzeria.com, “For diners who want to discover the Italian cuisine anew with the delicious pizza or spaghetti, we offer lasting memories and an exceptional dining experience. “ 

Being famous among the Erie PA restaurants, Valerio’s presents monthly coupons with unique recipe combinations that match tastes and choices of different people. The restaurant offers gift cards that can be presented to loved ones on special occasions. Party and dinner specials with a mixed variety of favorite dishes also mark the uniqueness of coupons. 

Valerio’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria has 3 locations and has been serving Erie, Pennyslvania and its surrounding areas since 1994. A beautiful atmosphere that is appropriate for business, family dines and party specials are offered to diners with many styles of dishes from Italian to American being served inside. This quality restaurant even offers catering in Erie PA upon customer orders with a fine range of dishes for parties and celebrations. 

“We are pleased to be represented as one of the best restaurants in Erie, PA”, the spokesperson adds,” We have our greatest passion in providing perfect dining experience for every guest. Valerio’s menu has a wide variety of dishes that tops in quality and are of lowest price.” 

The restaurant has a team of friendly staff who provides a relaxing atmosphere and great Italian cuisine with their warm service. 

“You can enjoy both traditional Italian food and American style dishes all at the same place. Valerio’s menu has dishes for everyone of a family that you could adventure along with having an enjoyable dining experience”, the spokesperson adds further. 

About Valeriospizzeria.com
Valerio’s Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria, being one of the best Restaurants in Erie PA, has been serving customers with fine quality Italian cuisine and American style dishes. The restaurant makes some of the best pizza in Erie, PA and also offers catering for special events. For more details, visit http://www.valeriospizzeria.com .

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