UNO Pizzeria & Grill Offers New Customizable Franchise Concept

  • The new UNO Pizzeria & Grill concept offers a customizable floor plan that accommodates a variety of sizes.
  • Three new franchisees have already signed on to the concept, the company said.

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UNO Pizzeria & Grill, known for its Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, is introducing a new franchise concept that recreates the iconic look and feel of the brand’s original Pizzeria UNO Chicago location.

The new model offers franchisees a customizable floor plan model that allows them to take advantage of existing space and is flexible to accommodate a variety of sizes, the company said in a press release. Franchisees will also be able to add additional DELCO locations to expand their reach with minimal build-out costs.

Three new franchisees have already signed on to the concept in 2021, and the first new-concept restaurant debuted in June in Highland, Indiana.

The new franchise concept “enables franchisees the ability to take advantage of existing spaces and opportunistic real estate, which keeps build-out costs extremely low,” said Erik Frederick, UNO’s CEO. “The customizable nature also enables each restaurant to have a unique feel versus some of the cookie-cutter/one-size-fits-all nature of other brands. Our goal is to provide franchisees an opportunity to participate in one of the largest restaurant categories with a premium brand that has an attractive ROI.”

Launched in 1943 and currently boasting more than 80 locations and 22 franchisees, UNO wants to continue its legacy with a menu that highlights the brand’s pizza expertise. Pizzeria UNO will showcase its pizza heritage and credibility, but with a vibe that’s more relaxed and reminiscent of a local pizza joint. A newly designed cooking process will allow for quicker pizza production time, which will lead to rapid customer turnaround time, the company said.

A more condensed, pizza-centric menu will offer customers UNO’s Deep Dish Pizza and a selection of the brand’s best-selling Chicago Thin Crust Pizza, as well as appetizers and salads.

In addition to the new stand-alone and in-line sites, prospective franchisees have also shown interest in hotel restaurant conversion, redevelopment and buildout, the company said. Within that framework, the UNO brand and product would offer multiple revenue stream possibilities, including hotel guests dining-in and ordering take-out, as well as delivery to the local area.

“The pizza market is booming right now as a standout success in the restaurant category, so there’s no better time to make a move with our brand,” said Brett Larrabee, UNO’s director of franchise development. “With top territories available, there is a unique opportunity right now to be a part of an established major pizza brand. ”