• Boston-based UNO Pizzeria & Grill is providing an experience-based bonus to its general managers who helped the chain navigate the tricky challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Other manager-level employees will receive travel vouchers and additional rewards, the company said.

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As a reward for their diligence and dedication during the COVID-19 crisis, general managers at UNO Pizzeria & Grill will get free airline tickets for a getaway anywhere in the continental U.S., courtesy of the Boston-based chain.

“We really wanted to acknowledge and reward our hardworking restaurant management staff for their contributions during these challenging times,” said Erik Frederick, UNO’s CEO. “From working around various operational issues and staffing shortages to keeping restaurants COVID-safe among the ever-changing health standards, we figured what better way to thank them but to offer them an experience-based bonus?”

General managers must travel by the end of December, and the company is encouraging employees to post pictures of their travels on its internal social media site. Other manager-level employees at the restaurant will receive travel vouchers and additional rewards.

Earlier this year, UNO made headlines when it announced a bilingual vaccine concierge service, which assisted eligible employees in navigating the process of booking a vaccine appointment. Within only a few days of the service operating, UNO helped 87% of its employees secure an appointment, the company says. Additionally, UNO has been awarding $50 vouchers to vaccinated employees.

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