Twintern Delivers Buzz for Pizza Hut

According to a story on, “In a difficult economy of rising unemployment, struggling newspapers and advertising agency cutbacks, Alexa Robinson graduated this year from the University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill with a degree in journalism and advertising. But she wound up finding a position that carried an entirely new job title — one that didn’t even exist when she started at UNC — ‘Twintern.'”

“As Pizza Hut’s first-ever Twitter intern (Twitter + intern, hence, “Twintern”), the 22-year-old Greensboro NC native (shown above) has been on the job in Dallas since late June. Alexa took time from her 140-character-a-message day to talk to Nielsen about what it’s like to be entrenched in the social media campaign of one of the country’s largest food brands. (Disclosure: Yum! Brands, owner of Pizza Hut, is a Nielsen client). Pizza Hut’s Twitter account had roughly 3,000 followers when Robinson started, and it now has 15,000-plus followers; she’s Tweeted about giveaways, promotions, new products, the Pizza Hut iPhone app, menu changes and more and invited fans to send Tweets about their favorite foods/vacation photos/celebs,” the story said.

See the original article for a Q&A with Alexa.