Triple L Distribution Joins

Newly-founded business marketplace and platform created instant online sales channel for company’s customers

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (August 28, 2007) – announced today that re-distributor of bar and restaurant supplies to the food service industry, Triple L Distribution, has joined the online marketplace and platform.  With over 120 employees and $80 million in annual revenues, Triple L is one of the largest independent re-distributors on the West Coast.  Currently, Triple L stocks over 6,000 products across a diverse array of food categories.  To improve sales and revenue, Triple L was in the market for an online solution that would make it easier for customers to make online inquiries to purchase their products and for the company to manage their inventory and online sales channels more effectively and efficiently. 

Wanting more than the traditional shopping cart, Triple L needed a Web site that customers could easily navigate, could quickly find the supplies they needed and quickly and securely make their purchase inquiries.’s platform allowed Triple L to create a site that not only met their e-commerce needs, but also added auction functionality, trade leads, and a secure control panel for site administrators to manage their inventory information and content — through a non-technical, back-end interface.  This allows Triple L to quickly and frequently add new product information to keep the site fresh, and to inform their customers about new product releases and promotions as they occur.

“The market offering and solution met all of our specific business requirements, and gives us the ability to efficiently and effectively customize our product offering, communicate with our customers where required, and utilize a variety of efficient transaction channels, beyond the standard online shopping format,” explains Michael Dodo, president of Triple L Distribution.  “With its range of other integrated tools and services, it also gives our company the ability to start ‘forward planning’ in terms of how we can win more customers and generate further sales and revenues through this system.”

By using the profile, Triple L built a customized Web site where they can easily manage their product information and create specific business groups for each of the customer “clusters.”  New product releases can now be easily presented to different food service customers that are relevant to their business.  They can then publish information about these releases on their Web site and also deliver the sales information to any specific business group that they set up in their network.  They can then direct customers and/or any business group members to that updated product on their Web profile for them to add products to their shopping cart, submit single product or trade lead inquiries, bid on auctions and get a Triple L salesperson to contact the customer about the qualified sales opportunity.

About was formed in order to answer the fundamental question that most business owners have about the Internet, “How can my business be financially successful online and make money from the Web?”  The solution was to build a vibrant and powerful business community which makes online business accessible to all – and for free.

With, business owners get a powerful, integrated presence in a larger business-based community without spending a cent (totally risk-free).  In addition, companies get access to a series of advanced tools and systems that save valuable time and effort in managing their online products and services. For a business that is still considering joining, with the FREE set of integrated tools that are being offered, the only question that remains is ‘why not’? 

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