Trans-Fat Free Oil Life Maximized to 18 Days with Frymaster


SHREVEPORT, La. —The E4 electric fryer, launched in 2006 by Frymaster, an Enodis company, has been found to enhance the life cycle of trans-fat-free oils extending it to two-and-a-half weeks. ESCA Enterprises, a Pennsylvania-based food consulting and research firm, announced the results from an independent study, undertaken in May 2007, to determine how the E4 interacts with trans-fat free oils. The tests included a variety of nutrition and sensory components, including measuring levels of total, saturated, and trans fats, and free fatty acids, as well as monitoring color, and sensory taste and appeal. “Not only did the Frymaster E4 maintain the life of trans-fat free oil by up to 18 days,” said Allan Samson, Ph.D., president of ESCA, “there were no significant changes in total, saturated fat or trans-fat content of the foods fried. Just as important, fries prepared in the study maintained steady moisture content and maintained flavor, both hot buttons with patrons.”

“These findings are a win-win for foodservice operators in every segment,” said Brenda Fried Humphreys, vice president of marketing for Frymaster. “Not only can they save money by extending the life of frying oils, but they can offer menu items prepared in trans-fat free oils that meet patron demand for great-tasting, healthier options. Frymaster is committed to helping operators solve frying-related issues with product research and innovation, investment in the latest technology, and industry leadership activities such as our Fit Frying program. That program includes a ‘first stop’ online resource,, for foodservice operators that informs them about frying related issues and the many ways fried foods can be made healthier.” Frymaster’s industry-leading Fit Frying program is built on four key pillars that contribute to more healthful frying.

– Choosing the right oil. This has become more complicated since the partially hydrogenated trans oils used for the past two decades no longer function in a one-size fits all capacity. Operators today have a variety of healthier oils to choose from that can enhance menu offerings. The Fit Frying website provides information on the variety of oils available to operators and the benefits associated with each;

– Choosing the right fryer. The right fryer (open-pot, tube-type or flat-bottom) is the one that is designed to cook the foods you offer on the menu. This produces higher-quality and more healthful food and extends oil life.

– Following the right cooking process. This can minimize by-products produced during frying that reduce oil life by slowing the changes to the oil’s characteristics as it interacts with crumbs, water, air, salt.and heat; and

– Establishing the right maintenance program. Nothing protects oil life and ensures the quality of fried foods better than filtration and proper care and maintenance of the fryer. Both work to extend oil and equipment life and that saves money. “It’s all about helping operators maximize the popularity and potential of fried foods on the menu,” says Humphreys. “If we’ve helped them please patrons while frying in the healthiest way possible, then we’ve accomplished our goal.” According to Humphreys, the good news for operators isn’t finished yet. The company plans to launch additional new products this fall that will further extend oil life cycles.

Frymaster, an Enodis company, is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial fryers for the foodservice industry. For more than 70 years, the company has manufactured superior quality fryers that leverage forward-thinking manufacturing, design innovation and unmatched quality control backed by the STAR service program. To learn more about Frymaster, visit or call (800) 221-4583.

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