Toppers Pizza, a 60-unit chain headquarted in Madison, Wisconsin, celebrated its 29th anniversary by offering customers a large two-topping pizza and triple order of Topperstix for just 29 cents. The special ran from August 9 to August 11.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the company said it has “experienced an impressive 2020,” adding a new POS system and developing a partnership with Chef Melanie Manuel, owner of Celesta Restaurant in Milwaukee, to launch a vegan menu. That menu is currently being tested in the Madison market and will roll out nationally in October. The brand said it’s also working on several key initiatives in order to elevate the menu and continue providing top-notch service to its guests.

“I haven’t been this excited about our concept and the QSR pizza segment as I have been in 15 years,” Toppers Pizza Founder and President Scott Gittrich said in a press release. “We’re inviting our customers to celebrate our 29th birthday with our fresh 100% Wisconsin mozzarella cheese, hand-cut veggies and hand-tossed dough made from scratch.”

this photo shows Toppers Pizza founder Scott Gittrich in one of his restaurants
Scott Gittrich, founder and president of Toppers Pizza

While 2020 has proven to be a difficult time for the restaurant industry, Toppers Pizza says it has thrived thanks to its established delivery and pickup model, which has resulted in “an impressive increase in sales.” The brand’s sales have also been growing on their website, and Gittrich expects that to continue throughout the rest of the year.

Additionally, the chain scored a high-profile partner when Jonathan Taylor, a former star running back at Wisconsin, bought into four Toppers franchises in Madison.

According to Gittrich, the founding of Toppers was based on the idea that QSR pizza delivery didn’t have to be cookie-cutter, low-quality pizza and that the brand would be able to make food from scratch with fresh ingredients, fresh dough and unusual toppings in a delivery and takeout format.

“We were founded as a delivery and carry out business and have done high volume from that aspect of our business since the day we opened, and that has continued to grow and has really jolted forward more recently,” Gittrich said. “It’s the new normal for many businesses, but we’re fortunate that this has been our normal for a long time. We are more confident than ever before as we celebrate 29 years and look forward to the next 29 years. ”

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