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Same-Store Sales Climbed by 7.2% for Toppers Pizza in 2022

Toppers Pizza, headquartered in Whitewater, Wisconsin, saw an increase of 7.2% in same-store systemwide sales in 2022 and now has nearly a quarter of a million loyalty program members, according to a company press release.

The chain also opened three new stores last year and signed deals for an additional 11 locations.
“We have seen same-store sales growth trending upwards for 18 quarters in a row,” said Scott Gittrich, CEO and founder of Toppers Pizza. “Toppers Pizza has been proven to be a reliable business model, and our continued growth and innovation make us even more appealing to guests.”

Ongoing menu innovation played a key role in the brand’s 2022 growth as the company rolled out multiple product lines, including plant-powered menu items like the Vegan Buffalo Chicken-Less Pizza and Veganstix, a spin on the beloved cheesy breadstick. Toppers also partnered with Madison, Wisconsin cult favorite Chocolate Shoppe, creating Toppers-Pizza-specific flavors of frozen custard pints that customers could pick up or have delivered.

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Toppers also launched its first ghost kitchen in Q4. This initiative, known as WTF Wing Co., has allowed additional sources of top-line revenue and an opportunity to grow beyond the brand’s core product lines, the company said.

“For us, our franchisees win when our customers win, and we are working hard to create an ecosystem for Toppers that continues to propel the brand’s reach and growth,” Gittrich said. “Our consistent growth has shown that we are on the right path, and we are poised to finish the year even stronger than our competitors—yet again.”

Toppers also welcomed James “Jimmy” McFeeters to the team as its vice president of development. McFeeters plans to leverage the concept’s streamlined approach to real estate for more growth, saying he expects to open nine new units in 2023 and build an even more robust pipeline for 2024. The brand is targeting Charlotte, Des Moines, Dallas-Fort Worth, Kansas City and beyond for the additional nine stores.

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