Tim Tebow Lends Voice to Pizza Hut’s Storytime Event

“On Thursday at 8 a.m. Central, NFL quarterback Tim Tebow will deliver a performance off the football fieldĀ that will benefit young readers across the country. As part of the Book It! reading incentive program sponsored by Pizza Hut, Tebow is hosting this year’s America’s Biggest Storytime, an annual celebrity webcast to motivate children to read more. For Thursday’s event, Tebow will read his favorite childhood book, “Green Eggs and Ham,” by Dr. Seuss. Children, parents, teachers and sports fans are encouraged to join the webcast at”

‘”It’s ‘Tebow Time’ for Book It! and America’s Biggest Storytime,’ said Chris Fuller, director of public affairs at Pizza Hut. ‘Similar to his drive and determination on the football field, Tim has shown a passion for reading and encouraging literacy among today’s youth. Tim’s personal connection to literacy, along with the mission of his foundation, makes him the perfect host of our 2012 webcast.'”

“As a thank you for Tebow’s participation, Book It! has made a donation to the Tim Tebow Foundation, which is dedicated to bringing faith, hope and love to those in need. The 2012 webcast looks to surpass last year’s record setting event that attracted more than 500,000 viewers, with Justin Bieber reading “The Cat in the Hat.” Tebow’s webcast will be available online through Feb. 22.”