This St. Patrick’s Day, Turn Friends and Family Green with Flavor Envy

“The McCormick Kitchens are coloring St. Patrick’s Day green with flavorful, fun new recipes and tips. From kid-favorite emerald eats to grown-up sweet treats, McCormick makes St. Patty’s day parties easy with all you’ll need to turn friends and family green with flavor envy. ‘St. Patrick’s Day is a perfect occasion to get playful with bold colors and bright flavors,’ says Chef Mark Garcia of the McCormick Kitchens. “Our easy recipes take favorite treats like cupcakes, shakes and brownies — and add a bright green twist to make them a perfect fit for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.”

The rich flavor of Pure Vanilla and Pure Peppermint Extracts take the holiday’s colorful treats to the next level, delivering memorable goodies that taste as delicious as they look. Whether you’re baking up sweet homemade treats or adding a refreshing hint of peppermint to decadent cocktails, these recipes and tips help make St. Patrick’s Day a festive and flavorful occasion for all ages:
Kid-Favorite Emerald Eats

  • Luck o’ the Irish Cake Pops: Give the cake pop trend some St. Patrick’s Day spirit with Green Food Color and decorate with shamrock sprinkles for a festive dessert, inside and out.
  • Easy Green Velvet Cupcakes: A green twist on classic red velvet, these cupcakes take basic cake mix to delicious new heights with the addition of Pure Vanilla Extract, Green Food Color, sour cream and cocoa powder.
  • Emerald Mint Milkshake: This classic milkshake recipe is transformed into a flavorful, cool concoction with a hint of green and touch of Pure Peppermint Extract.

Grown-Up Green Treats

  • Peppermint Paddy Martini: This mint-chocolate-inspired cocktail gets a festive topping of rich whipped cream infused with Pure Peppermint Extract. A sugar rim, also with Peppermint Extract, makes this drink a distinctively decadent delight.
  • Irish Cream Swirl Brownies: This favorite takes on a seasonal twist with a splash of Irish cream liqueur and Green Food Color. The decadent brownie and swirl topping will leave everyone tapping their feet to a Celtic tune.  
  • Green with Envy Cheesecake Bars: These cheesecake bars — with contrasting layers of green, white and chocolaty brown — get a hint of sophistication with invigorating Pure Peppermint Extract.

Green Goodies Guide
To bring bright hues to your entire St. Patrick’s Day spread, add a few drops o’ green to your favorite beverages and store-bought items. The experts in the McCormick Kitchens created this guide to help you add the perfect emerald tint to go-to party foods:

12 oz.
5-6 green
Lemon-lime soda
8 oz.
6 green
Blue cheese dressing
(for chicken wings)
1/2 cup
10-12 green
Ranch or French onion dip (for chips, veggies and potato wedges)
1/2 cup