According to Campbell."", “All kinds of foods have made it into various eating contests throughout the globe—hot dogs, asparagus, burgers. But, donuts?”

“You heard right! Donuts, as in the psycho variety, have entered into the realm of eating contests, and in Campbell, Psycho Donuts had its second-annual donut pizza eating contest on Saturday. What’s a donut pizza, you ask? We went to the source to find out. ‘A donut pizza is a ‘ginormous’ donut, the size of a 14-inch deep-dish pizza,’ Jordan Zweigoron, owner of Psycho Donuts, said via email.”

“The donut pizzas can be custom ordered and can have up to four toppings, Zweigoron says. So now that we know what the heck a pizza donut is, why hold a pizza donut eating competition?”

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