The SelfCooking Center® Makes Dessert Preparation as Easy as Pie

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. – October 29, 2007

Dessert is often the most artistic course of the meal and can require a great amount of time to prepare. With new cooking modes available in the RATIONAL SelfCooking Center® it is easier and more efficient for chefs to prepare desserts. With the “Egg Dishes/Desserts” and “Baking” cooking processes, an infinite number of desserts can be prepared with little more than the push of a button on the SelfCooking Center.

Dessert preparation is simplified with the SelfCooking Center®, whether preparing rice puddings for corporate catering, sweet tarts and apple strudel in a family restaurant or classic crème brûlée and soufflés in an upscale restaurant. These desserts are always cooked to perfection thanks to optimum climate control and fan speed that adjusts automatically, eliminating the need to constantly monitor temperature, baking time, air speed and humidity during the baking process.

“I simply cannot imagine running our bakery without the SelfCooking Center,” reports Mike Clark, director of operations for Lux Bar in Chicago. “The SelfCooking Center is perfect for all our cakes, cookies and muffins, but also for our breads and sandwiches.”

One major advantage when working with the SelfCooking Center® is the fact that many of the hot desserts can be produced hours or even days beforehand, and can then be “finished”, or brought up to serving temperature shortly before plating. There is absolutely no taste transfer in the SelfCooking Center®, so it does not matter if you are finishing hot chocolate cakes at the same time as filet of sole. Dessert capabilities, combined with the ease of use, can also help to reduce the personnel needed to have an extensive dessert menu.

RATIONAL supports the preparation of desserts and bakery products in the SelfCooking Center® with an extensive range of accessories including muffin and timbale molds. Older SelfCooking Center® units that are not equipped with the “Egg Dishes/Desserts” cooking process can add the mode with a software update in just a few minutes. The new software is free for CLUB RATIONAL ( members.

About the SelfCooking Center®

The SelfCooking Center has simplified the cooking process to the press of a button, saving time as well as expensive training and retraining due to staff turnover. It detects product-specific requirements, the size of the food to be cooked and load size. Then, the SelfCooking Center® automatically calculates cooking time, temperature and ideal cooking cabinet climate on an individual basis. It continuously monitors and adjusts 3,600 times per hour to achieve the desired result. The SelfCooking Center also requires 28 percent less space in the kitchen but cooks up to 15 percent faster than conventional Combi-Steamers. It is available in gas or electric.


RATIONAL is the world market and technology leader for the thermal preparation of food in professional kitchens. Founded and based in Germany since 1973, RATIONAL is committed to the principle of sustainability, expressed in its policies on environmental protection, leadership and social responsibility. Numerous awards such as “Best Factory,” “Product of the Year,” “Manufacturer of the Year” and “Global Excellence in Operations” attest to RATIONAL’s high standards and recognition in the industry.

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